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Indolence, of course, is an absolutely crucial part of the creative process: you do not find poets sitting in rows in cavernous word factories, staring at screens. They are rather to be found lolling on the sofa or strolling through the groves, nursing their melancholic temperaments and losing themselves in extended reveries. - Tom Hodgkinsin





A "brand" or "branding" is a word thrown around like a frisbee. Even so, today, branding is a bit more complex, but even more important in today’s world of marketing. Think of your brand as the mental picture or the immediate feeling and emotion your consumer feels when they hear or see your brand. It's merely a perception one has of your busuness, product, or service and is then only influenced by the elements, words, and creativity that surround it. 



  • Brand Discovery
  • Branded Materials (Business Card, Letterhead, Stationery)
  • Strategy to create efficient and consistent system
  • Re-launch your brand

web design



In the modern era, there are few things more critical to your ability to communicate with your target audience than your web presence. Users are always connected and always on the move. The majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and if your website doesn’t work great and load quickly on a every device, they’ll move on. ND specializes in clean, minimal, new-age design for websites that are optimized for a consistent mobile experience.



  • Contemporary, High Resolution
  • SEO/ Mobile-Optimized
  • Custom Domain
  • Content Management


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We help brands like you tell the world who they are. We can do this through all varieties of media channels – print or digital. These need to be carefully elected based on where your target consumers spend most of their time and what they value. We find their social spaces and use your brand to speak to them, not at them.

With enough of the right kind of ad experiences, you will be able to create conversational capital that leads people back to you – your website and your establishments. Your mission will feel that much more achievable.



  • Digital Marketing (web, social media, digital systems)
  • Traditional (Collateral, Promo Campaign)
  • Advertisements/ Signage
  • Increase Reach and Exposure