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Based in Sicklerville, NJ, Nehemiah Design is an independent strategic creative company specializing in web design, branding, and digital marketing campaigns. Our main approach revolves around delivering clean, effective design for our clients to illustrate a clear message to their target audience.

bringing ideas to being.

We work with churches, non-profits, and businesses that are making an impact in the lives of those who need it most; helping them bring an idea from nothing to something.



services offered


Discovery. Logo. Branded Content.

Learn to establish a consistent visual communication system for your products and branded materials. Or, relaunch your brand while hyper-focusing on a new target audience.


web design

SEO. Domain. Mobile-friendly.

The Web has Changed.

Users are always connected and always on the move. The majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and if your website doesn’t work great and load quickly on a every device, they’ll move on.



Strategy. Digital. Traditional.

If a tree falls in the middle of nowhere and no one hears it, does that mean it didn't fall? No, but the point is, If no one knows about you, whats the point of this? Like, even this right here-- you reading these words. At its core, all marketing is communication. You have a message the world needs to hear. Let’s make it loud.


bring your idea to being. Let’s start with a free consultation.

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