who. what. where. when. & why.

What: Breakfast. Workout.starbucks. Email. Twitter. Instagram. Photoshop. Illustrator. Text. notes. website design. Review. Feedback. tumblr. Revisions. surf the web. music videos. Peanut-butter anything. vision board. evening sunset at the lake. unwind.

How: Find more, think again, work smarter, fail faster, dig deeper. Save nothing for another day.

Why: ambition and vigor to see and do the things that only grow the individual. constantly needing avenues and highways to be the pavement for one's vehicle of creativity. things are only paralleled once conscious thoughts match actuality resulting into the birth of a new existence. from theory, brought to being.


Located in Sicklerville, NJ, Nehemiah Design serves as a strategic creative company specializing in web design, branding, and creative marketing. Figuring out your brand or needing to find ways to connect to an audience can be difficult. In contrast, not knowing how to even make a great idea come to life can be frustrating. With that said, you may find other resources, but ND helps bring all of your ideas to life; so let them be brought to being by Nehemiah Design.



Renaissance Church Ministries — Non-denominational church located in Sicklerville, NJ.

Generation Xcel — Strategic training company specializing in sport-specific training located in NJ. Gen Xcel has trained some of New Jersey's top athletes.

Courtland BraggA speaker, storyteller, and mentor seeking to change the world by telling inspiring documentary-series stories.

Alex MichealHip Hop/ Rap artist Alex Micheal is a young independent musician based in Marriotsville, MD.


What i'Ve done

  • Currently working as a digital marketing specialist for the largest broadcast group in the country and also Creative Director/ Website Designer for RCM

  • Marketing Intern for Jimmy Johns from January 2017 to May 2017

  • Social Media Marketing Intern for NYMM from January 2017 to April 2017

  • Content Creator for the Odyssey, freelance writer for university newspaper, The Villager

  • Editor and designer of That's Life, by Gordon Hill

  • Executive Chair of Social Events for fasting-growing club on Stevenson Universities' campus M.I.L.E., which maintains over 60 young male members, is geared to preparing young men for impactful careers after school

  • Graduated from Stevenson University with a BS in Business Communication while also a four-year collegiate football starter